A. Karim Jabr, CCP - Managing Director, Middle East

Mr. Jabr is a clinical cardiac perfusionist with extensive clinical and research

experience. He has been involved in establishing perfusion services in hospitals

around the world including Glasgow, Scotland, Toronto, Canada, Las Vegas,

Nevada, and Atlanta, Georgia. He is a Board certified perfusionist in the United

States, Canada, and Europe. Currently, he is the Director of the Perfusion

department at The Medical Center of Central Georgia.

In addition to his clinical experience, Mr. Jabr has served as a clinical instructor

at Toronto Institute of Medical Technology, Northeastern University, Barry

University, Mercer University Medical School and Medical University of

South Carolina.

Mr. Jabr has published extensively in both professional journals and books. In

addition, he has made presentations at many national and international conferences.

He has received several awards for his research efforts in pulmonary artery balloon

counterpulsation and continuous warm blood cardioplegia.

Raised and educated in Kuwait, Mr. Jabr attended Stow College in Glasgow and

received his Post Diploma in Cardiovascular Perfusion from the Toronto Institute

of Medical Technology.